Graduate School Department /Course /Field Human Coexistence/Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences/Behavioral Physiology
Undergraduate School Division of Cognitive and Information Sciences
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Research areas Cell Biology, Life Science
Keywords Neuromuscular System, Plasticity, Microgravity, Metabolic Syndrome, Lifestyle Related Disease, Infertility
Themes In cooperation with Medical O2 Co., Ltd. (Kumamoto, Japan), my laboratory developed a device (Japanese patent number: 5076067; inventor: Akihiko Ishihara; registration date: September 7, 2012) that can maintain conditions of 1.25 atmospheres absolute with 36% oxygen (mild hyperbaric oxygen). Mild hyperbaric oxygen raises the level of dissolved oxygen in plasma and increases blood flow due to vasodilation, thereby enhancing metabolism effectively and safely. In addition, mild hyperbaric oxygen stabilizes the activity of the autonomic nervous system.
Space travel induces degenerative changes such as muscle atrophy in the neuromuscular system. We observed that preconditioning with mild hyperbaric oxygen inhibits disuse-induced muscle atrophy (2008, 2010). We also observed that mild hyperbaric oxygen in experimental animals effectively treats type 2 diabetes (2006, 2007, 2010), diabetes-induced cataracts (2011), hypertension (2010), and type II collagen-induced arthritis (collaborative project with NH Foods Ltd., Tsukuba, Japan, 2010).
In human clinical studies, we observed that mild hyperbaric oxygen inhibits ultraviolet B irradiation-induced melanin pigmentation and diminishes senile spot size (collaborative project with Kao Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, 2011). Recently, we determined that mild hyperbaric oxygen is beneficial in the treatment of infertility (collaborative project with Suwa Maternity Clinic, Hospital for Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Pediatrics, Suwa, Japan, 2013, 2014). The rates of clinical pregnancy in 37 women with intractable infertility were 4.9% and 13.8% before and after mild hyperbaric oxygen treatment, respectively. Finally, 5 and 2 women treated with mild hyperbaric oxygen gave birth after in vitro and natural fertilization, respectively. Currently, we are examining the effects of mild hyperbaric oxygen on mental conditions such as depression, autism, and autonomic ataxia.
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