Graduate School Department /Course /Field Human Coexistence/Linguistic Science/Linguistic Information Science
Undergraduate School Division of Cognitive and Information Sciences
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Research areas Biolinguistics, Evolutionary Linguistics, Generative Grammar
Keywords Universal Grammar, Human Language Organ, Recursive Syntactic Computation, Merge, Optimal Design, Origin and Evolution of Language, Motor Control Origin of Syntax
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Background Born in 1958 in the central part of Osaka
M.A. English Linguistics. Osaka U. of Foreign Studies, 1982.
Research Assistant, Osaka Prefectural U.,1983-1987.
Assistant Professor, Osaka Prefectural U., 1987-1989.
Assistant Professor, Osaka U., 1989-1992.
Associate Professor, Osaka U., 1992-1996.
Visiting Scholar, MIT., 1994.
Associate Professor, Kyoto U., 1996-2008.
Professor, Kyoto U., 2008-present.
KYOTO UNIVERSITY 125th 国際ガラス年 2022 新型コロナウイルスへの対応について