Graduate School Department /Course /Field Cultural Coexistence/Cultural, Regional and Historic Studies on Environment/Cultural Anthropology
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Other Affiliation Institute for Research in Humanities
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To Those whe are interested in Culturl Anthropology
Please do not study Anthropology, but practice it!!
Research areas social/cultual anthropology, religious studies, South Asia ethnograpy, see my web-site for details.
Keywords religion, gender, sexuality, violence, anthropological theories, South Asia and Japan.
Themes Please see my web-site for details.Having done anthropological research in South India, Sri Lanka and Singapore. Latest research topic includes the U.S. military bases in Japan.At the Institute for Research in Humanities I have organized four long-term seminaras, on ritual violence, on cultural construction of self and emotion, on fetishism, and on contact-zone.
Major publications (anthor)Patrons, Devotees and Goddesses: Ritual and Politics among the Tamil Fishemen of Sri Lanka. 1997 Manohar(Delhi)
(editor)Living with Shakti: Gender, Sexuality and Religion in South Asia.1998. Senri Ethnological Studies 50.
(article) Cultural Situation, Violence and Possibility of Intercultural Ethics:. In Menschenrechre, Kulturen und Gewalt: Ansatze einer interkulturellen Ethik, Nomos.2005
8article) Religion in Everyday Life In Veena Das (ed.) The Oxford India Companion to Sociology and Anthropology. Oxford University Press, 2004..
Hinduism in Singapore: Ethno-nationalization in Process, In Junji Koizumi (ed.) Dynamics of Cultures and Systems in the Pacific Rim: Anthropological Studies. Osaka: Osaka University Press, 2004.
Professional societies/Research and synergic activities Member of the Japanese Association of Ethnology, Japanese Association of Religious Studies, Japanese Association of South Asia,Japan Oral History Association, and the Association of Religion and Society.
Teaching Areas
  • Undergraduate courses Cultural Practices A and B
  • Graduate courses (Master's program) Cultural Practice2A and 2B
    Cultural Anthropology Seminar 3
  • Graduate courses (Doctor's program) Cultural Anthropology
  • Undergraduate courses open to all departments
Background please see my web-seite for details.