Graduate School Department /Course /Field Cultural Coexistence/Cultural, Regional and Historic Studies on Environment/Region, Space and Environment
Undergraduate School Division of Cultural Environment Studies
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Research areas Human Geography, Geographic Information Science
Keywords Geographic Information Science, Historical Landscape from the Air
Themes For the field of geographic information science (GIS), I'm interested in modeling geographical phenomena and processing spatial data on physical and human subjects. I'm specifically trying to introduce the temporal dimension to spatial data. Another field of my interest is historical landscape from the air. Using satellite imagery, I'm studying location and plan of ancient towns in the Silk Road region.
Major publications ‘A Study of Settlement Remains near the Qiemo Oasis in Northwestern China using Satellite Imagery and DEM (joint work)’, Studies in Geography and Regional Enviromnent Research, Nara Women’s University VIII, pp. 9-29, 2015
'Identification of the Development of Suburban New Towns Using Satellite Images: A Case Study of the Keihanna District in the Kansai Metropolitan Area, Japan (joint work),' Urban Geography of Japan, Vol. 4, pp. 20-27, 2009 (in Japanese with English summary)
'A Study of the City Planning System of the Ancient Bo-hai State Using Satellite Photos,' Jinbun-Chiri, Vol. 52, No. 2, pp. 19-38, 2000 (in Japanese with English summary)
'Characterization of Raster Images Using Variogram,' Annual Report of Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences, Nara Women's University, Vo. 40, pp. 47-57, 1996 (in Japanese with English summary)
'Spatio-temporal Pattern of the Distribution of Population and Activities in Keihanshin Metropolitan Area 1980 - 1990,' Studies in Geography, Nara Women's University, Vol. 5, pp. 63-77, 1995 (in Japanese with English summary)
'Factorial Ecology in Space and Time of a City: The Daily Rhythm of Population of Himeji City,' Jinbun-Chiri, Vol. 37, No. 1, pp. 1-19, 1985 (in Japanese with English summary)
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