Graduate School Department /Course /Field Interdisciplinary Environment/Dynamics of Natural Environment/Dynamics of Earth and Cosmos
Undergraduate School Division of Natural Sciences
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Research areas paleomagnetism, rock magnetism
Keywords paleomagnetism, rock magnetism, environmental magnetism
Themes tectonics
formation processes of ancient supercontinents
modification of magnetic information in rocks related to diagenesis, deformation and metamorphism
environmental magnetism
Major publications
Professional societies/Research and synergic activities SGEPSS, JPGU, AGU
Teaching Areas
  • Undergraduate courses
  • Graduate courses (Master's program)
  • Graduate courses (Doctor's program)
  • Undergraduate courses open to all departments
Background 1985 B.A.Sc. Kyoto Univ.
1987 M.A. Kyoto Univ.
1988 Research Associate, Kyoto Univ.
1992 Ph.D Kyoto Univ.
2000 Assistant Professor, Kyoto Univ.
2007 Professor, Kyoto Univ.

Nov.1993 - Mar.1995 the 35th Japanese Antarctica Research Expedition
Nov.2000 - Mar.2001 the 42nd Japanese Antarctica Research Expedition
Nov.2004 - Mar.2005 the 46th Japanese Antarctica Research Expedition
June-Aug.1998 Ocean Drilling Program, Leg 180 (Woodlark Basin)

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