Graduate School Department /Course /Field Interdisciplinary Environment/Dynamics of Natural Environment/Dynamics of Earth and Cosmos
Undergraduate School Division of Natural Sciences
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Keywords physical and regional volcanology, geology, tectonics, outreach of science
Major publications  Kamata, H. and Kodama, K. (1999) Volcanic history and tectonics of the Southwest Japan Arc and the Ryukyu Arc since 2 Ma. The Island Arc, vol. 8, p. 393-403.
 Kamata, H. and Kobayashi, T. (1997) The eruptive rate and history of Kuju volcano in Japan during the past 15,000 years. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, vol. 76, p. 163-171.
 Kamata, H., Johnston, D.A. and Waitt, R.B. (1991) Stratigraphy, chronology, and character of the 1976 pyroclastic eruptionof Augustine volcano, Alaska. Bulletin of Volcanology, vol.53, p.407-419.
 Kamata, H. (1989) Shishimuta caldera, the buried source of the Yabakei pyroclastic flow in the Hohi volcanic zone, Japan. Bulletin of Volcanology, vol.51, p.41-50.
 Kamata, H. (1989) Volcanic and structural history of the Hohi volcanic zone, central Kyushu, Japan. Bulletin of Volcanology, vol. 51, p. 315-332.
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