Name Keywords
IKEDA, Hiroko Literature, Ireland, Britain, Celtic culture and literature, the Irish language
INAGAKI, Naoki Modern French Culture and Society, Comparative Literature and Culture, Victor Hugo, Saint-Exupery, Romanticism, French Novel, French Fashion, Japanese Culture, Interchange of Japanese and European Cultures, Conflict between Religion and Science, History of Science, Modern History of Ideas, Coco Chanel, Spiritisme, Modern Spiritualism
ISHIHARA, Akihiko Neuromuscular System, Plasticity, Microgravity, Metabolic Syndrome, Lifestyle Related Disease, Infertility
ISHII, Miho Spirit Possession, Magic, Embodiment, Environmental Movements, Land tenure and Land Inheritance, South India, West Africa
ISHIKAWA, Naoto paleomagnetism, rock magnetism, environmental magnetism
ITIOKA, Takao Animal-plant interactions, Tropical rain forests, Biodiversity, Interspecific interactions, Longterm population dynamics