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The teaching and research activities of the Faculty aim to integrate the humanities, and the social and natural sciences into more interdisciplinary and internationally oriented academic approaches appropriate for our time. The idea of integrated human studies was conceived for the purpose of restructuring the former College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and producing a new faculty unconstrained by the boundaries of established and restricted research fields.

The Faculty aims to produce graduates able to cope competently and tolerantly with the difficult problems facing modern society, and to find new ways to integrate the natural and human worlds not only through the detailed research work assigned to each of disciplines, but also through insights into multiple interdisciplinary spheres. And thus we hope to meet the manifold challenges of the future.

Faculty of Integrated Human Studies

The original organization of the Faculty of Integrated Human Studies was founded in 1949 as a branch school of Kyoto University, and was at that time called “Yoshida College”, It was officially named the “College of Liberal Arts and Sciences” in 1954. In October, 1992, the College was reorganized and renamed the “Faculty of Integrated Human Studies”, and 130 freshmen were admitted into the Faculty in April, 1993.

As of April, 2003, the Faculty of Integrated Human Studies and the Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies were integrated to form the new Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies in order to achieve higher academic goals. Accordingly the divisions within the two organizations have been reorganized. The Faculty of Integrated Human Studies remains an undergraduate department; its courses are taught by the Graduate School faculty.

The Faculty consists of the following five divisions.

  • Division of Human Sciences
  • Division of Multi-Disciplinary Studies of Civilizations
  • Division of Cultural Environment Studies
  • Division of Cognitive and Information Sciences
  • Division of Natural Sciences

Information on the faculty members can be found in each web page linked from below.
Please contact individual instructors through the email addresses given in the web pages.

Faculty of Integrated Human Studies Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies
Division Department Course
Human Sciences Human Coexistence Human and Socio-Cultural Studies
Thought and Culture
Cognitive and Information Sciences Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences
Mathematical Science
Linguistic Science
Foreign Language Acquisition and Education
Multi-Disciplinary Studies of Civilizations Cultural Coexistence Studies on Contemporary Civilizations
Social Cultural History
Interdisciplinary Environment Studies in Symbiotic Socio-Environmental System
Cultural Environment Studies Cultural Coexistence Comparative Studies of Civilizations
Cultural, Regional and Historic Studies on Environment
Natural Sciences Interdisciplinary Environment Molecular Studies on Chemical and Biological Environments
Dynamics of Natural Environment
Studies on Material Science


Yoshida South Library

The Library was originally part of the Third High School (1894-1949), and became the library of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Kyoto University, in 1949. In October 1994, according to the reorganization, it was renamed the Library of the Faculty of Integrated Human Studies. It renders services to students and faculty members throughout the university, aiming mainly at the Faculty of Integrated Human Studies, and the Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, and also at those taking subjects common to all Faculties.
In April 2014, the Library was renamed as Yoshida South Library.

Besides general books held in the Library building itself, many specialized books are also held by the Departments in the Faculty, and may be consulted by application to the relevant departmental office.

Special Collections

Hayashi Collection
Rare works on Japanese literature, collected by Professor Moritaro Hayashi, of the Third High School. 294 volumes.
Mizobuchi Collection
Books in Japanese and Western Languages on education and philosophy, collected by Professor Shinma Mizobuchi, principal of the Third High School. 1,224 volumes.
Third High School
A collection of books concerning the Third High School.

Periodical Publications

Bulletin of the Faculty of Integrated Human Studies, Kyoto University Vol.1(1994)-

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