Graduate School Human and Environmental Studies/Earth, Life and Environment
Undergraduate School Earth, Life and Environment (Division of Natural Sciences)
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Until 2023, the undergraduate school had five divisions. 'Division' provided above refers to the faculty member's former affiliation.
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Research areas microalgal phylogeny, microbial ecology, algal physiology
Keywords biodiversity of photosynthetic microorganisms, evolution of photosynthesis, chlorophyll d, environmental biotechnology
Major publications Evidence of Global Chlorophyll d, Science, 321, 658, 2008.
Niche adaptation and genome expansion in the chlorophyll d-producing cyanobacterium Acaryochloris marina, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 105:2005-2010, 2008.
Chlorophyll d in an Epiphytic Cyanobacterium of Red Algae, Science, 303, 1633, 2004.
Pigment composition of a novel oxygenic photosynthetic prokaryote containing chlorophyll d as the major chlorophyll, Plant Cell and Physiology, 38: 274-281. 1997.
Chlorophyll d as a major pigment, Nature, 383: 402, 1996. 
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Background 1987 B.eng.
1989 M.eng.
1997 Dr. (Sci.)

1989-2000 Nippon Steel Corporation, Ltd.
(Marine Biotechnology Institute Co., Ltd. Kamaishi Laboratories)
2000 Assistant Professor (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
2001 Lecturer (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
2002 Associate Professor (Kyoto University)
2012 Professor (Kyoto University)
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