Department/Division Human and Environmental Studies/Civilizations of Eastern Asia
Undergraduate School Division of Multi-Disciplinary Studies of Civilizations
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Research areas History of modern China
Major publications
Professional societies/Research and synergic activities
Teaching Areas
  • Undergraduate courses Introduction to International Civilizations A
    Structure of Civilizations IA/B
    Structure of Civilizations IIA
  • Graduate courses (Master's program) Cultural Dynamics 1
    Seminar on Structure of Civilizations 1
    Study I in Cultural Coexistence
    Study II in Cultural Coexistence
  • Graduate courses (Doctor's program) Advanced Study I in Cultural Coexistence
    Advanced Study II in Cultural Coexistence
    Advanced Seminar I in Civilization Structures
    Advanced Seminar II in Civilization Structures
    Special Seminar in Contemporary Civilizations
  • Undergraduate courses open to all departments Primary Chinese A/B
    Primary Chinese A/B Re-take class
    Intermediate Chinese A/B [Grammar, Cross-cultural understanding]