Graduate School Human and Environmental Studies/Humanity, Society and Thought
Undergraduate School Humanity, Society and Thought (Division of Human Sciences)
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Until 2023, the undergraduate school had five divisions. 'Division' provided above refers to the faculty member's former affiliation.
Research areas phenomenology, ethics
Keywords phenomenology, ethics, perception, Levinas, Merleau-Ponty
Themes phenomenological ethics, phenomenological study of perception
Major publications Levinas' Ethics: Between ''Face'' and Metaphysics, Keisoshobo, 2000.
Narrative and Levinas' ''Face'': Toward an Ethics Based on ''Face'' , Koyoshobo, 2004.
Morals as we feel it: Phenomenological and Ethical Studies on Emotions, Koyoshobo, 2009.
Y. Sato, H. Abe and T. Toda (eds.), Philosophers and Sceptical Mind: Papers about Sceptisism, Koyoshobo, 2008.
The Philosophy of Perceptual Attitude: Body and Life in Perception, Keisoshobo, 2014.
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  • Graduate courses (Doctor's program)
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