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Other Affiliation Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences
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Research areas Thin film processing, Electronic materials and devices, Plasma chemistry, Molecular spectroscopy
Keywords Plasma processing, Oxide electronics, Resistance random access memory, Transparent conducting film, Dielectric barrier discharge
Themes (1) Thin film deposition for electronic materials and devices
(2) Plasma chemistry in materials synthesis
Major publications (1)Examination of UV-absorption spectroscopy for analysis of O3, NO2-, and HNO2 compositions and kinetics in plasma-activated water
K. Tachibana and T. Nakamura
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 59(5), 056004-1-7 (2020).

(2) Comparative study of discharge schemes for production rates and ratios of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species in plasma activated water
K. Tachibana and T. Nakamura
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 52(38), 385202-1-17 (2019).

(3) Characterization of dielectric barrier discharges with water in correlation to productions of OH and H2O2 in gas and liquid phases
K. Tachibana and T. Nakamura
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 58(4), 046001-1-11 (2019).

(4) Measurements of water molecule density by tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy in dielectric barrier discharges with gas–water interface
K. Tachibana, T. Nakamura, M. Kawasaki, T. Morita, T. Umekawa and M. Kawasaki
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 57(1), 0102BB-1-7 (2018).

(5) Catalyst-free one-pot plasma chemical conversion of carbon dioxide to performic acid by water-sealed dielectric barrier discharge
M. Kawasaki, T. Nakamura, T. Morita, and K. Tachibana
Plasma Processes and Polymers, 13(12), 1230-1241 (2016).

(6) Local structure analysis of magnetic transparent conducting films by x-ray spectroscopy
T. Nakamura
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 49(4), 045005-1-5 (2016).

(7) Intermolecular interaction between rare earth and manganese precursors in metalorganic chemical vapor deposition of perovskite manganite films
T. Nakamura
Physica Status Solidi C, 12(7), 958-963 (2015).

(8) Spectroscopic ellipsometry analysis of perovskite manganite films for resistance switching devices
M. Yamada, O. Sakai, and T. Nakamura
Thin Solid Films, 571, 597-600 (2014).

(9) Isotopic study on metalorganic chemical vapor deposition of manganite films
T. Nakamura
Surface & Coatings Technology, 230, 213-218 (2013).

(10) Thin film deposition of metal oxides in resistance switching devices: electrode material dependence of resistance switching in manganite films
T. Nakamura, K. Homma, and K. Tachibana
Nanoscale Research Letters, 8(1), 76-1-7 (2013).
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