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Research areas Educational studies, Sociology of education, History of education
Keywords inclusion and exclusion, education-welfare, minority people, history of US school reforms, educationalization of social problems
Themes My topics are basically concerned with dynamics and politics of educational systems to include/exclude someone, ranging from Buraku people (outcaste in Japan), Korean-residents-in Japan (Zainichi people) to mentally and physically disabled people both in Japan and United States to racial and ethnic minorities in the United States. Recently, I am interested in the educationalization of social problems, much focused by Western scholars such as David Labaree and Daniel Daniel Tröhler. Comparative study of educationalization between Japan and Western countries may be promising.
Major publications 【Book chapter】
"Diaspora without homeland : being Korean in Japan" (edited by Sonia Ryang and John Lie, University of California Press, c2009)
KURAISHI, Ichiro, "Why is Educationalization Ubiquitous but Marginal in Japan? : A Consideration on a Different Background of School Reforms" Educational Studies in Japan: International Yearbook, 15 pp.83-94, Japanese Educational Research Association, March 2021
KURAISHI, Ichiro, ( Nadezhda Murray) “The Significance of the Disappearance of “Diverse” from “Guaranteeing Educational Opportunities”: An Interpretation from the Viewpoint of the Victory of Formalism and the Educational Consumer” Educational Studies in Japan: International Yearbook, 14, pp.69-84, Japanese Educational Research Association, March 2020
KURAISHI, Ichiro“Celebrating Diversity but for“Gaikokujin(外国人)”?: The Politics of Educational Opportunity Guarantee Act 2016 and the Education of Students without Japanese Nationality”『第24屆臺灣教育社會學論壇:教育的危機、反省與前瞻 The 24th Taiwan Forum on Sociology of Education, “Educational Crisis, Reflection and Prospect” 論壇手冊』pp.29-39, May 2018
KURAISHI. Ichiro “Poverty, Education and National Policy in the “Affluent Society”: A Comparison of the Unite States and Japan in the 1960s” The Japanese Journal of American Studies 22、pp.125-150、2011
KURAISHI, Ichiro ” Improving Not merely school attendance but also what?: ”Fukushi Kyoin” (Social Work Teacher), Visiting Teacher and the Attempts to Enlarge the Social Functions of Pubic Schools ”『東京外国語大学論集』80、pp.49-67、2010
KURAISHI, Ichiro, “Ubiquitous but Marginal --A Brief Consideration on Educationalization in Japan: What I learned most deeply from David Labaree’s Someone Has to Fail”, Conference with Professor David F. Labaree, "History of America's School Reforms" Keio University, Nov. 30, 2019
KURAISHI, Ichiro, “Redefining Teachers’ Labor in a Changing Society: Focusing on Night Watch Duty (Shuku-choku (宿直)) in Modern Japan”, The 4th Forum on Sociology of Education at Beijing Normal University, “Knowledge and Labour: Educational Consciousness in a Changing Society”, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China, June 28, 2019
KURAISHI, Ichiro “Coming Out as “School Culture” in Japan?: From the Experiences of Minorities”, Session: “Coming Out Against “Truth” and Race/Class Interpellations,” Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Washington, D.C. Dec.3-7, 2014
KURAISHI, Ichiro "Media representation of Koreans-in-Japan and the Nostalgia as narrative of nation: In the case of movie and TV drama" International Conference on Korean Diaspora in the World, University of California, Berkeley, Sept, 2005
Fujii, Akiko, KURAISHI. Ichiro, ”A Case study on the activities of Nonprofit Organizations in Nagata Ward, Kobe, after the Hanshin Earthquake.” 1995 Annual Meeting of the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organization &Voluntary Action, Cleveland, USA, Nov, 1995.
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Background 2000 July, Ph.D. (Kyoto University, Graduate School of Human & Environmental Studies)
2002 April,Associate Professor, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Department of Foreign Language
2009 April, Associate Professor, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Institute of Global Studies
2013 October, Associate Professor, Kyoto University, Graduate School of Human & Environmental Studies
2017 April, Professor, Kyoto University, Graduate School of Human & Environmental Studies

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