Graduate School Human and Environmental Studies/Cognitive, Behavioral and Health Sciences
Undergraduate School Cognitive, Behavioral and Health Sciences (Division of Cognitive and Information Sciences)
Other Affiliation Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences
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Message to the prospective students

The keywords of my research is "Perception of Space", "Vestibular System", "Visual System" and "Motor Control". Neurophysiological and Psychophysical methods are the ways to approach.
If you are interested in please contact me.
Research areas Multidisciplinary approach of Spatial Pe
Research areas Multidisciplinary approach of Spatial Perception and Cognition from Pripheral Inputs to Higher Order of the Brain
Keywords Spatial Perception, Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Visual System, Vestibular System
Themes Email me, please.
Major publications Kushiro, K. and Goto, F. Effect of masticating chewing gum on postural stability during upright standing. Neuroscience Letters (In press)
Kushiro, K., Bai, R., Kitajima, N., et al. Properties and axonal trajectories of posterior semicircular canal nerve-activated vestibulospinal neurons. Experimental Brain Research ; 191: 257-264, (2008)
Kushiro K., Taga, G. and Watanabe, H. Frame of reference for visual perception in young infants during change of body position. Experimental Brain Research ; 183: 523-529, (2007)
Kushiro, K., Dai, M., Kunin, M., et al. Compensatory and orienting eye movements induced by off-vertical axis rotation (OVAR) in monkeys. Journal of Neurophysiology ; 88: 2445-2462, (2002)
Kushiro, K., Zakir, M., Sato, H., et al. Saccular and utricular inputs to single vestibular neurons in cats. Experimental Brain Research ; 131: 406-415, (2000)
Professional societies/Research and synergic activities ・Society For Neuroscience
・Japanese Society of Sport Psychology
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  • Undergraduate courses open to all departments Practical Training IA,IB

Background 1999 Department of Neurology, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine (Visiting Researcher)
2001 Graduated Doctral Course of Medical Science, Tokyo Medical University (Ph. D in Medicine)
2002 Department of Physiology & Neuroscience, New York University (Post-Doc)
2003 Graduate School of Education (Sciences in Brain Development), University of Tokyo (Post-Doc)
2004 Graduate School of Human & Environmental Studies, Kyoto University (Assistant Professor)
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